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HSC Chemistry 1st Paper Course

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HSC 23 & 24 Batch?

Chemistry issues are nothing new to you! Numerous different chemical types exist, as do compounds, arrangements, reactions, and indicators. Chemistry Just hearing the names makes them sound incredibly difficult to understand. But if you fully grasp the fundamentals, are clear on the concepts, and want to start out prepared under the guidance of a qualified instructor, then this course is for you.Many people's basic education is in poor shape due to a lack of qualified teachers or occasionally unclear information in the textbooks. And in order to address these issues, we introduced the Chemistry 1st Paper Course, which is being taught by one of the best chemistry instructors in the nation, Habibur Rahman Nur Bhai.

In other words, if you understand the fundamentals, you can correctly answer back to any question, and achieving an A+ in Chemistry is not difficult.

In just 3.5 months, we will complete the entire course with more than 70 classes, more classes on the chapters that are challenging for you, and a strong focus on each chapter's importance.

Anyone anywhere in the nation can enroll in this online course. You can clear any confusion by asking questions during the fully live and interactive classes. Additionally, each class is recorded online so that you can watch it or understand it again and again.

For just 990 Tk, you get a great deal and, it will be among your best investments.

We are ready for you. Are you staying with us?

So, See you all in our Classes.

Chapter-1 Laboratory safety Total Lecture- 08-10

Chapter-2 Qualitative chemistry Total Lecture- 15-20

Chapter-3 Periodic Table of Elements and Chemical Bonding Total Lecture- 15-20

Chapter-4 Chemical Changes Total Lecture- 15-20

Chapter-5 Functional Chemistry Total Lecture- 05-06
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Md Habibur Rahman Nur
Studying at Chemistry Department, Rajshahi University.

Very well know Chemistry Instructor at popular online platforms & Offline batches at Rashsahi & Rangpur. With 4 years of experience, he makes chemistry subjects very easy and removes all fear in his students. In his teaching career, he already served more than 25k students and going on.

(25 Review)
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  • Start Date01 March 2023
  • Duration17 Weeks
  • Weekly RoutineSat 9:00-10:45pm
    Mon 9:00-10:45pm
    Wed 9:00-10:45pm
  • Lectures70
  • InstructorHabibur Rahman Nur
  • Fee TypeOne-Time
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